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At Greenbloom Ltd we understand the importance of offering a large selection of custom shrub solutions. We deal primarily with specialist horticulturist countries such Denmark, Holland, Italy, Germany and of course the UK. It’s because of this that we can offer you a vast array of shrubbery that’s suited for every occasion.


In fact we are the only national shop to store climbing Camellia and constantly endeavour to meet your needs with our expertise. If we don’t have what you’re looking for then this isn’t a problem, we can quickly source your shrub at the best possible price.

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What Makes Us The Experts?

Graham Gibbs has always been in the horticultural trade since joining Parklands Horticultural College in St. Albans. Upon graduation he went into the field of landscaping to get to really understand what his customer would want. Since then he has dedicated his life to finding the right solutions to your needs, going out of his way to ensure that the right shrub is found at the right price.

A Wide Range Of Shrubs In Hertfordshire

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13Ft High x 3Ft Wide Non-Prickly Holly £230 each HALF PRICE

13Ft High x 3Ft Wide Prickly Holly £320 HALF PRICE

4Ft Camellia HALF PRICE On line